Haas' Claws

Berserker's Fury


Endless Battle

Malefic Roar

Hunter Strike

Demon Hunter Sword

Rose Gold Meteor

Sea Halberd

Corrosion Scythe

Blade of Despair

Blade of the 7 Seas

Golden Staff

Scarlet Phantom

Bloodlust Axe

Wind of Nature

Courage Bulwark

Blade Armor

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

Athena's Shield


Brute Force Breastplate

Twilight Armor

Sky Guardian Helmet

Antique Cuirass


Cursed Helmet

Dominance Ice

Thunder Belt

Fleeting Time

Blood Wings

Ice Queen Wand

Concentrated Energy

Holy Crystal

Calamity Reaper

Clock of Destiny

Enchanted Talisman

Divine Glaive

Feather of Heaven

Glowing Wand

Winter Truncheon

Soul Scroll

Necklace of Durance

Lightning Truncheon

Genius Wand

Warrior Boots

Tough Boots

Magic Shoes

Arcane Boots

Swift Boots

Rapid Boots

Wizard Boots

Demon Shoes