Melissa Build

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Hero Sounds

Need some stitches? I can help. [giggles]

If only she could be with me now.

How are you? Oh wait, I just realized, I don't care.

My life, my choice.

The distance between life and death is shorter than my needle.

I don't trust words, they can hurt like weapons.

If regret had a flavor, they'd be the first ones to taste it.

Just a small fight, like playing house

Oops, somebody's got their stuffing pulled out.

Time for some needle work

Business? Not my thing. Annoyances? You got me

Didn't your mother ever tell you? Never get too close to needles.

Look at them, wandering like pathetic abandoned dolls.

Say, "stitcheese!" [giggles]

Giggles, Muddles, get ready."

My needle is more than a doll sewing tool

Rules? Hmm, whatever.

Need to stitch up their noisy mouths right away.

They give me my fees, I fulfill their needs. Fair deal.

Good girls avoid trouble, while I make it.

I'm not alone, I have my doll.

What are you doing here, Yin? Were the errands all done?

Does it feel like doing a puppet show when your body's controlled? [giggles] Amusing

Is that the best he can do? Time to reconsider our deal.

Stay close!

You turn, Muddles!


Catch up!

Get lost!

Ah, got pricked...

Oh no, the curse rebounded...