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Hero Sounds

Onward! We win or we die

The promise you break will become a debt on your back

Silence gives consent

Cowards don't deserve peace

My determination is a thousand times stronger than my scimitar

Everything is only measurable with the honest eyes

The evil each have their own axe to grind

Nothing to fear but fear itself

The oasis,the jewel of the Emerald Road

The truths must be preserved

Our fate flows beneath our feet

One should sleep with one eye open

Way of the sand lies ahead of me

Feel the heartbeat of the desert

Beware of the quicksands

No man ever steps in the same desert twice

We will go down in history

I speak for the sands

Sand rises when I give the word

The sand will take you

I am the Sandstorm

Behold the power of the Desert

Was it all a mirage ?

I may fall, but the truths shall live on

The sand, just ran out...