Aulus Build

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cost  32000     diamond  599     ticket  0    

Hero Sounds

Goodbye, old friend.

Hoho! I hear you!

Enough said, let's get cracking!

I might not be tall, but I'm strong.

It's the veterans that are worth of dimes!

What you're looking at?

Can't wait to roll up the barrel we are done!

Ahh, who doesn't miss the crazy old days?

It started with the ferocious little leonin.

Not the tallest, but the toughest you can find!

Old Aulus isn't old after all.

Really needs something to comfort my dry throat! Haha!

Brothers in arms are brothers for life!

Old Aulus, still has a few tricks to show!

This will do the job!

We leonins can hide in that dome forever!

All the niminy-piminy fools will end up fooling themselves!

All their weaknesses must be exploited.

It takes two to make a team!

What's the fun in doing things the easy way?



Run all you want!

That's not it... dagh...